Found Senior Yellow Lab in Glendale Yesterday


Glad to have been able to get “Mr. Thunder” off the streets on a rainy night. A lot of dogs get away during storms bc they are afraid and fences fail from mud. My car now smells like wet water dog, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! He seemed like a total family dog. The folks at Pasadena Humane Society believe his owners will come for him or he will get adopted soon. Fingers crossed!

My Cats Favorite Da Bird Refill Attachments via Amazon


These are about half the price of the toaster I just bought, but Maybe loses it for these things. I have tried so many other toys with her, and sometimes she plays to humor me, but she treats them like toys. These she seems to think are the real thing! One of the only things she will play with on her own.

Hours of entertainment for both of us!